Community Guidelines

We’re glad you’re here.

To ensure all members of My Carnival Match feel welcome, we have produced these Guidelines to define the values of the community we are building. On My Carnival Match, you are connected not by a shared preference, but by your Caribbean identities. Let’s strengthen and broaden our community together.
1. Be respectful to your members
You’re speaking to your real people. Strong communities are built on strong relationships.

2. Do not discriminate
We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment for all Caribbean people.

3. Discuss topics in the right thread
Please use forums for topics that are important to the community, such as cultural events, local topics, and news. And create groups for your everyday conversations with friends.

4. Promote local commerce the right way
We have created designated spaces for members to buy and sell products.

5. Use your true identity
My Carnival Match is built on trust — we want everyone to know they’re communicating with their real people, and therefore require you to use your true identity.

6. Do not engage in harmful activity
Please refrain from: (1) activity that could harm someone and (2) activity that involves scamming others.

Community members play a key role in moderation by reporting post, businesses, or members that violate these Guidelines. Please remember that disagreeing with a post is not a reason to report it. This slows down our ability to remove posts that are truly abusive and to create a platform where everyone feels welcome.


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