effortlessly manage your carnival

Optimize your product sales and marketing with a Done-For-You automated E-commerce solution tailored to your business

Custom-Built Webpage

Monetize Your Craft with a Unique e-commerce Solution
Stand out with a web page tailor-made to reflect your brand’s identity and mission

Ideal For:
  • Influencers, businesses, and brands that require custom options to sell unique services and personalized products online, such as Carnival costumes, unique items and packages.

  • Features: Custom designs, Web application, Unique functionalities.
    Cost: Starting at $0/mo + 17% commission and $4 payment processing fee.
    manage your carnival
    Add extra functionality, automate work and customize features

    5 essential tools built in to
    to assist with your success

    Automate Your Workflow

    Streamline your operations effortlessly, from booking management to handling made-to-order items, our automation tools are designed to make your life easier.

    Chargeback Protection

    Protect your hard-earned revenue with our advanced chargeback protection system. We understand the importance of financial security, and our platform is equipped to minimize the risks associated with chargebacks.


    Improve compliance with apps that help estimate sales tax, smooth collection of reservation payment, deposit, ID & upsell across multiple geographies.

    Revenue optimization

    Whether you book events, sell custom apparel, or offer made-to-order items, each checkout process is optimized to recover failed payments and identify upsell opportunities tailored to your business.

    360 Marketing

    Our 360 marketing strategy combines social media posts, emails, and SMS campaigns, allowing you to engage with your audience across multiple channels. 

    Each MYC WebPage is customized to meet your specific needs. You can select all options or describe your ideal features when creating yours!

    Contact Me

    Contact Me

    Got feedback, ideas, or need help? Just email or text, and I'll be there for you 😊

    Email: stepfon@mycarnivalmatch.com

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    Frequently asked questions

    Our e-commerce solution goes beyond traditional add-to-cart systems for physical items. With Manage Your Carnival, we offer comprehensive forms and webpages, allowing you to sell various offerings, from merchandise to services, manage masquerader registrations, and automate full or split payments over time. This includes advanced appointment management, handling reservations and ticket sales, managing RSVPs for events, and promoting digital products.

    For Custom-Built Webpages:

    • Monthly Maintenance Fee: After the setup, there’s a monthly fee ranging from $0 to $75. This fee covers protection against fraudulent chargebacks and varies based on the complexity of your webpage, the number of pages your application includes, and the hosting of your custom webpage.
    • Payout Fee: Each time a payout is sent to you, a sale processing fee of 7% to 17% plus $4 is charged, depending on the plan you are subscribed to.
    • Pricing Plan: View pricing.

    For International Accounts:

    • Cross-Border Transfer Fee: International transactions are subject to a cross-border transfer fee of 3% + $2.50.

    With the MYC Starter Plan, we will promote your listed items across our digital channels, handling registrations, bookings, and payments. We dynamically send the registration or booking information to you, along with your funds, minus a commission fee of 17% plus $4, to your connected Stripe account within 5 days. Alternatively, you can opt-in for Instant Payouts for an additional 2.5% fee per payout.

    To elevate sales and ensure your customers stay informed about time-sensitive promotions, we offer a comprehensive package for just $9.79 per month. This includes scheduled single-image Instagram posts on @mycarnivalmatch, along with an Email Blast or one SMS Blast to all opt-in subscribers. By integrating Email, SMS, and social media marketing, we help you reach your audience effectively and boost your sales.

    Yes, we offer dedicated support to all our users. You can reach out to our customer service team via email, phone, or live chat.

    Yes! Manage Your Carnival Webpage is a 100% Done-For-You service, unlike our Performance-Optimized Shop. Simply connect your bank account or debit card, and submit your service or package details, attributes, and add-ons via our intuitive update tool. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring your page is up and running smoothly.

     If you encounter a fraudulent dispute, we’ve got you covered. We’ll handle the disputed amount and waive the dispute fee without requiring evidence submission.

    • MCM Stores provide a simpler and more straightforward Standard E-Commerce Store with our 5 Essential Tools 

    • Web Pages Our Webpage offers a comprehensive E-commerce solution for managing registration, bookings, or selling services. Tailored to your needs, it features a professional automated customer journey, and customized with your brand’s logo, colors, and domain.