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We designed our Manage Your Carnival partnership program to help small to medium size Mas band, Section leaders, and independent designers find new clients, increase revenue, and build an automated registration, custom orders, payments, and fulfillment system with My Carnival Match.
Manage Your Carnival

Stand out as a small to medium size business by delivering a more automated customer experience

My Carnival Match gives you the tools you need to deliver an efficient registration, payment, and fulfillment system for your business that you and your clients will love.

Here’s what it means to partner with us

As part of our partner program, we’ve included all the necessary ingredients to help your business thrive. You’ll get to use My Carnival Match, but you’ll also get some other benefits to get the most out of our product and grow as we grow.



My Carnival Match provides free social media, search engine optimization, SMS, and email marketing. We’ll promote your costumes, and create sales analytics.



showcases your costume and all its different versions, including different types, sizes, and add-ons. Your clients can easily purchase what they want in one transaction and have the option to pay upfront or set up automatic payments that occur monthly or biweekly.


Resell Your Carnival Payment Gateway

Is a premier service for masqueraders who can no longer attend Carnival to easily transfer their costume via e-commerce transactions to another masquerader, without the hassle of manually transferring ownership or dealing with last-minute payments.

Caribbean Carnival Marketplace

With the Resell Your Carnival Payment Gateway, Mas bands can effortlessly register the buyer in their masquerader registration system, ensuring a seamless transition of ownership.

Once payment is received you will be notified of the transaction and the new owner’s information will be shared with you


benefits for both Mas bands and sellers.

  • By partnering with My Carnival Match through our Resell Your Carnival payment gateway Mas Bands can increase customer acquisition, revenue retention and avoid losses due to non-payment.
  • For buyers, Resell Your Carnival provides a safe and reliable way to purchase a Carnival costume, without worrying about fraudulent transactions or last-minute payments.
  • Chargeback Protection to protect your sales against fraudulent disputes