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My Carnival Match

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  1. (Guest)

    The media could not be loaded.  I love these boots !! I have a pink Coach purse the exact same color pink that’s in these boots .. Now I can finally wear my purse lol I wear a size 8 but after reading the reviews I got a size 7 (that’s all the only size they had) & it fits perfectly !! I’ll probably switch out the soles because they feel like they were cut a little too short but that’s not a big deal to me to have to do . Also these boots are a little heavier than I expected but I don’t care lol they are made of faux suede & leather .. The colorful marble design is made of a thick cloth , almost Jean like .. Which is nice but I’m going to spray both boots all over with a water repellent/protectant to keep them from getting ruined (I live in MN)

  2. (Guest)

    They were cute i liked them but i ordered 2 sizes up on accident. ( maybe next time i wont shop while helping a kid with math lol )

  3. (Guest)

    Made my whole outfit for Dreamstate Harbor. Very comfy. I'm normally a 9.5 so ordered a 9 and still had a lot of wiggle room with thick socks. Will wear it all summer <3<3<3

  4. (Guest)

    Very comfortable boot! Better than I expected! Extra room as well!

  5. (Guest)

    This shoe is perfect for dress up or dress down. Super cute and comfy. Great to wear all day or long periods of time. Also super stylish

  6. (Guest)

    I returned a 9 and got an 8, I usually wear 9.5 in other shoes. But I love them!

  7. (Guest)

    As my title suggests, these boots were popular everywhere I went. Whether I was on the train, at the grocery store, at my job, everywhere I turned or took a step, someone was always calling out to me “I love your boots!” “Those are SICK” “Fun boots!!” As for how they fare, these boots are the sturdiest things I’ve ever worn. I almost slipped twice in the snow but the weight of them stopped me from slipping! They do dig into your ankle a little bit so I suggest some socks that you can fold over your ankle to protect them. Other than that, these boots are 100% worth every penny.(note: I did cut off the buckles. I am not a fan of buckles)

  8. (Guest)

    Got so many compliments on these boots I’m an 8 1/2 usually I ordered the 8 and still had room in them. They are soooo comfortable. Buy these now!

  9. (Guest)

    Very comfortable very beautiful wish I had them in every color

  10. (Guest)

    Bought these boots to see Elton John on 11/20, and they are absolutely ELECTRIC!!!! Fit is true to size, so if you’re a tiny dancer, you might want to go a size down. The laces are a little short, but for a few $, I can buy longer ones and be happy. Very comfortable, if you’re a super wide load, this is not the boot for you. Oh, and if you buy this boot, you get a really neat note from the family that started this business!!! So, hello to Charly, Sarah, Mayer, and Nadeen!!! I love your boots!!!!

  11. (Guest)

    Great Vibes, Atmosphere, Beautiful People, delicious drinks & Great Soca Music! Awesome Time!!!

  12. (Guest)

    I used this for my wife's "slide on" flags which gave her trouble constantly, bunching up etc. These anchored each end and allowed freedom of movement yet stopped the problem

  13. (Guest)

    Exactly what I needed. I purchased a new flag and the grommets were much larger than the ones that I had on my old flag pole. The ring on the old pole just used a screw, but that slipped right through through the grommet. Tried several fixes and finally had the flag tied on with plastic twine. Came across these and they are perfect. The clip and rotating inner ring works so much better. Definitely recommend.

  14. (Guest)

    I purchased this product almost 2 years ago and had constant problems with the flag twisting up on the pole. We were constantly fixing it-especially on windy days. I tried changing the orientations (slightly higher or lower) with no help. Then one day I was getting ready to use the snow blower and got out the snow blower chute lube. I looked over and the flag was twisted again. Then it hit me-why not spray the clips with silicon lube? Gave the each a quick shot and the flag has been tangle free for over a month now-even on windy days. Amazon sells the chute lube used. It was CRC chute lube. Works great on the snow blower, too.

  15. (Guest)

    These rotating rings work really great. I will never try to fly a flag without rotating rings again. One caution is to not over-tighten. It is important that the rings stay perfectly round. Over-tightening can distort the shape and they won't rotate as well (obviously). I have been fighting with the two flags I have where the flag is sewn for having the flag pole inserted into it. The flag is continuously getting wrapped around the pole. I bought these rotating rings to solve this problem.

  16. (Guest)

    My flag pole’s flag attachment broke after years of working hard. I was initially look for a replacement flag pole, until I discovered these. These fit perfectly on our existing pole. So much better than having to buy another pole.

  17. (Guest)

    They come two in a package and I only needed one, so now I have a spare. To keep it from getting lost in my various places I just put it in the bottom of the pole.It has a top and a bottom, so be mindful when you attach your flag. So far, the flag rotates well on the pole, but it’s possible it will eventually start to stick. If that happens and the flag starts to furl around the pole, well I have a spare.I think it will last forever, though the metal clip might rust away.

  18. (Guest)

    This was easy to install on my flagpole. Only issue is that not all flags have grommets to attach the flag to the ring. Had to improvise with safety pins.

  19. (Guest)

    Ordered this to replace on of the spinning mounts that had broken after several years. This is way more heavy duty than the originals that came with the flag pole. Clips are heavy duty, so you'll need strong fingers to get them installed in the grommets on the flag.

  20. (Guest)

    These rings are great for using on flag poles that boy scouts (boy/girl scouts) put in yards... allowing the flag to fly freely. You can take them off before they come get the flag pole... yet never knowing when that is, just leave them on for them to use, basically donating rings to them versus the twist ties they use. Anley is a good product and they also make great USA weatherproof flags.