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I started my first company in 2009, an advertising and email marketing website for Caribbean events that sold advertising packages to local Caribbean event planners throughout New York, DC, and Miami.
By utilizing my photography skills with the help of other hired freelance photographers, we captured photos of attendees that later visited the website to download their photos for free. Throughout the website there were various advertising spots for upcoming events, these same events were strategically retargeted to visitors via weekly email newsletters to increase ticket sales.

This advertising model started to phase out from 2015 to 2017 due to the growth of Instagram and the advanced camera technology available to smartphone users. Event planners started advertising their events on their personal Instagram accounts and attendees started taking their own photos from their smartphones.

Already being well known within the Caribbean community for marketing, advertising, and photography for the last 9 years I often thought of ways to start a new, but sustainable business to help the Caribbean community. I believe a directory that covers the entire Caribbean-owned business ecosystem is a great asset to the Caribbean community.

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