Get Germ-free Toothbrushes In Minutes

Get Germ-free Toothbrushes In Minutes

Keep your countertop clean and tidy with a toothbrush sanitizer and holder. This wall-mounted device will securely store and keep your brushes clean, with a 99% success rate. No need to worry about germs spreading from one member of the family’s toothbrush to another.

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The toothbrush sanitizer is a smartly designed device, which combines the function of sterilization and storage. Thanks to this in-depth design, it helps you get rid of oral hygiene problems caused by bacteria, viruses, and other germs, which could irreparably damage your health, especially when you are prone to allergies or sensitive gum tissue.

The holder comes with a switch that turns on only when it has been connected to water. You fill it up with hot water to 120 ° F / 49 ° C temperature and put your toothbrush in the device.

It will stay there for about 5 minutes until the indicator light goes off automatically. You can then safely use your toothbrush; all germs have been eliminated using ultrasonic waves!

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