Get Germ-free Toothbrushes In Minutes

Get Germ-free Toothbrushes In Minutes

(10 customer reviews)

Keep your countertop clean and tidy with a toothbrush sanitizer and holder. This wall-mounted device will securely store and keep your brushes clean, with a 99% success rate. No need to worry about germs spreading from one member of the family’s toothbrush to another.

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The toothbrush sanitizer is a smartly designed device, which combines the function of sterilization and storage. Thanks to this in-depth design, it helps you get rid of oral hygiene problems caused by bacteria, viruses, and other germs, which could irreparably damage your health, especially when you are prone to allergies or sensitive gum tissue.

The holder comes with a switch that turns on only when it has been connected to water. You fill it up with hot water to 120 ° F / 49 ° C temperature and put your toothbrush in the device.

It will stay there for about 5 minutes until the indicator light goes off automatically. You can then safely use your toothbrush; all germs have been eliminated using ultrasonic waves!

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10 reviews for Get Germ-free Toothbrushes In Minutes

  1. anashi Quialaanashi Quiala

    Love everything the adhesion, easy to clean , easy to install

  2. TinyT

    Secures the toothbrushes very well and nice to know that it’s being sanitized when the ultraviolet light is on.

  3. Makana

    I love this!! Keeps my brushes sanitized and organized my sink. Now I don’t have a bunch of toothbrush heads hanging around the sink. Just press on the silver button and it counts down from 360 seconds to sanitize your toothbrush heads. And your done!

  4. Jennifer Colen

    The only complaint I have is the tape does not stick. Fortunately I had something that did work. Overall I like it. I really have no idea if it cleans because there is no way to tell. Just trusting it does.

  5. Quency256

    This was easy to hang, looks sleak, holds our toothbrushes neatly out of the way, and sanitizes them! During this covid season, it seems we are all being more careful. A really nice addition to our new bathroom.

  6. Laidback

    I’ve bought others like this and money wasted.. when I purchased this one, I wish I seen this one before all the others.. it’s perfect for my father with the digital counter window

  7. INM

    Installation was easy and it seems that everything was thought of. I actually purchased this item for numerous family members. Totally a great product.

  8. Jay

    Seriously! Why did I not know about this earlier?? I have used those sterile pods for years and this is just another item to use. We also change our toothbrush heads every 3 months.I have series/chronic asthma that acts up every time I brush my teeth. It has gotten to where I could barely handle any toothpaste. Then I found the pods and for some reason they helped. Never even considered it being able to help so wasn’t just wishing it would help. In fact, I didn’t put this together until I purchased this.Now I purchased this. And I noticed I have a Way easier time with brushing my teeth more than ever now.I used to do 2 hits on my inhaler before I dared brush my teeth. Then I got down to one hit with the pods.The first time I used this Sanitizer, I had no breathing problems after brushing my teeth and thought it was a great night.. i do get a few a year. 4 days later I tried not taking any hits on the inhaler first and still no issue after brushing my teeth.One and a half weeks later… I am floored and uncertain why this would affect me in this way.I thought I was sensitive to the mint or what have you in the toothpaste.Now I think it might have been something else, something the purifyer kills off. I really haven’t worked to put it all together as of yet. I will give this another few weeks to really see how this goes.But the thought of having a cleaner toothbrush every time is awesome all on it’s own. For that I give 5 stars, as would my husband as he is loving knowing his toothbrush is as clean as we can get it.And if it really is helping me by not having an asthma attack every time I brush… well.. that’s just a HUGE bonus.

  9. Cydnee

    Great life hack! Started using and can never go back to regular toothbrush holder

  10. Shaun Muneno

    I don’t know if this UV thing really does anything, but for the price it’s worth the hope that maybe it does work. Aside from that, clean design, sturdy and easy to set up and use. At the very least it’s a fairly aesthetic toothbrush holder, and if it does in fact sterilize then this is definitely worth the money

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