Tips For Planning A Trip To Trinidad Carnival 2023

Tips For Planning A Trip To Trinidad Carnival 2023

trinidad carnival 2023

Trinidad Carnival 2023: The Best Tips For Memorable Carnival Experience

If you’re planning on traveling to Trinidad Carnival 2023, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, there are a lot of things to take into consideration! I know, because it was my first time in Trinidad Carnival 2020 too.

T&T Carnival is an amazing experience, an all-out, full-on assault of fun and happiness! Getting around Trinidad during Carnival can be difficult if you don’t know anyone in Trinidad, or even if you do. This article has some tips, tricks, and a few alternative ways for you to plan your trip, even if you don’t know anyone from Trinidad


When Is Carnival In Trinidad, And How Can I Get There?

The date Carnival 2023 Trinidad will take place is on Monday, February 20th, and Tuesday, February 21st, 2023, just before Ash Wednesday.

Book Your Flight Early:

This one seems obvious. But if you wait until the last minute to book a flight, you run the risk of prices skyrocketing, or not being able to get a flight at all! If at all possible, book your flight 6 months ahead of time. This way, you’ll get the best rates possible, and be able to lock your spot before prices go up.
All the major airlines fly there, depending on where you’re flying from, plane tickets can range from $500 to $1500 and direct flights to Trinidad depart from JFK, FLL, MIA, and IAH in the United States.


The Best Places To Stay For Carnival Trinidad 2023

If your goal is to party and you don’t want to drive, you will find most Carnival-related activities in a concentrated area of the Port of Spain region. Popular fete venues like The Hasley Crawford Stadium, The Queens Park Oval, Nelson Mandela Park, and St Mary’s College Grounds are all 5-15 minutes away by foot. You will also be able to walk to meet your Mas Band on Carnival Monday and Tuesday as many popular carnival bands and J’ouvert bands assemble in the Port of Spain area.

Basically, you can walk to food, drink, and pretty much everything related to the carnival. You won’t have to rent a car or hire a taxi driver. If you want the best location in Port of Spain, Woodbrook is undoubtedly the place to be. One Woodbrook Place is a nice condo building and a great place to stay in Port of Spain.

View On AirbnbWoodbrook Place One Luxury Apartments

A major downside is that most of the units are not available for short-term rental on Airbnb or Vrbo. If you wish to stay here, you will have to contact a real estate company like My Bunch Of Keys and inquire about availability well in advance.

If you’re looking for hotels, then there are many 4-star hotels around the Queen’s Park Savannah, including the Kapok, Hilton, The BRIX Autograph Collection, and the L’Orchidée Boutique Hotel. These are all within walking distance of the Savannah. If you stay at one of these hotels, you can easily walk to most places in Port-of-Spain.

It’s a 19-minute walk from the Kapok Hotel to Woodbrook, but it’s a 40-minute walk from the BRIX Autograph Collection to Woodbrook. If you stay anywhere south of the Savannah, like at Hyatt on the Port of Spain waterfront, you’re going to have to hire a driver or a Maxi Taxi to take you to any fetes. Additionally, the Hyatt provides a complimentary shuttle service to and from Woodbrook during Carnival Monday and Tuesday.


Let’s Talk Fetes! Which Fetes Should You Go To?

Below you will find 9 of the most recommended fetes you should attend for Trinidad Carnival 2023.

Remember that Trinidad Carnival 2023 is coming up next year after a two-year break because of Covid-19. So, keep an eye on this post nearer to Carnival and we’ll highlight the official Trinidadian Carnival 2023 fete information in detail for you! For now, these events are currently your best bet if you want a ticket before they’re sold out!

  1. Punchy Wednesday is a Cooler Fete, which means you bring your own drinks in a cooler BYOB
    A.M. Beach is a Breakfast Beach Party with food and drinks included. Please note you’ll need to hire a taxi to take you to this fete
  2. Tribe Ignite is drinks inclusive, with free alcohol all night long
  3. Sunrise Breakfast Party is another All inclusive fete
  4. _uck Work is an All-inclusive (food and alcohol) Pool Party. Please note Swimwear is mandatory
  5. Blue Range Cooler Fete, bring your own alcohol in a cooler
  6. A.M. Bush
    Yes! There is A.M Beach and A.M Bush, just as the title says – we’re in the bush this time around, and it’s J’ouvert Party and it starts at 2 am. This fete will have paint, powder, and water so wear ear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or having stains permanently. Unlimited alcohol will be served alongside some very limited breakfast food items but these go fast, you may want to grab something to eat on your way there if you can manage before you arrive!
  7. Suits is a cooler fete boat ride party – Bring your own drinks in a cooler. Please note Swimwear is mandatory
  8. Soca Brainwash is Highly recommended! It’s an all-inclusive party. Every year there is a theme, so dress accordingly.
    Within minutes of being released, tickets tend to sell out. Make sure to get yours the same day or you will have to purchase it at a very high price from someone reselling theirs.
  9. ValeVibe is a breakfast party. But in 2020 it was an all-inclusive food and drink party. The year before, it was a food-included cooler party. Events may change for Trinidad Carnival 2023, so come back and check this article for an update closer to Carnival.


Most fetes sell separate male and female tickets so that they can control the male-to-female ratio at their party. Buying your tickets early is yet another good reason to do so. More than likely the male tickets will sell out first because there will be fewer of them. So if you’re a guy trying to go to these fetes with your boys, you may not be successful.
Soca Brainwash is an extremely popular fete thrown by DJ Private Ryan. One way to guarantee entry is by following the #SocaBrainwash hashtag, DJ Private Ryan, and the official Soca Brainwash Instagram accounts.

How Can I Find Reliable Transportation For Trinidad And Tobago Carnival 2023?

After you arrive in Trini, it can be difficult to find a taxi to take you around for the carnival. This is because Trinidad’s tourism sector is underdeveloped and it can be difficult to find many of the conveniences tourists may expect from their travel destination.

Uber no longer operates in Trinidad and Tobago because of Low credit card usage. Some may say you can try to hire a taxi driver at the airport or even try to personally hire one of the TT RideShare drivers, but the fact is there are not enough drivers on that app to support the excess Carnival demand. However, if you do find a driver to hire, the downside is you will have to pay them in cash, walking around with cash is not recommended.

There is absolutely no reseason to walk around with cash and trying to change USD to TTD to pay taxi drivers in Trinidad because all the parties you will be going to mostly include food and drinks so there is no reseason to have a large amount of cash on you.

The best option For transportation is to book a maxi taxi for your group here


How Do I Choose My Trinidad Carnival 2023 Mas Band?

Want to play mas with a Trinidad Carnival 2023 all-inclusive band? Well, you will have a lot of options soon after the launch of the Festival of the Bands in July and August. You can check out a list of all the Trinidad Carnival all-inclusive bands below.

  • Tribe
  • Harts
  • Yuma Vibe
  • Paparazzi Carnival
  • Ronnie and Caro
  • Fantasy
  • Passion
  • The Lost Tribe
  • Entice Carnival
  • Carnival Rogue

So you may be asking what does an all-inclusive Carnival band offer? All-inclusive Carnival mas bands offer two-day road experiences known as Carnival Monday and Tuesday, open bars, music trucks with live DJs, shuttle service from a meeting point to the location, lunch + snacks, roaming photographers, Las Lap after-party, mobile washrooms, security, and medical teams.

Depending on the band, your costume, and your gender, you can expect to pay between US$350 and US$2,500 for mas. Male costumes are generally cheaper than female costumes.

So which Mas band do you play with? That depends on what kind of Carnival costume you’re going for. There are a lot of different types depending on your taste and preferences – but most important to note is that each type has its own unique style. If you prefer something more modest, then Lost Tribe might be perfect for you – they provide many options that cover up more skin while maintaining the original carnival theme and making it festive. If you people prefer a more upscale or touristy vibe, we recommend playing with Bliss, Hearts, or Fantasy!

However, if you want a more downtown relaxed older vibe, then Ronnie and Carol is definitely the band for you. A budget-friendly mas band with the same vibe as Tribe with a mix of seasoned older and younger masqueraders is Carnival Rogue.


Want To Just Hired Someone To Do All This For You?

If you want to let someone else take care of the planning for you, there are several companies that will do all of the work for a fee.

All you have to do is book your flight to Trinidad, and these companies will handle everything else.

Mickisha Vibes Travel is a Carnival Concierge Service that takes the stress of navigating Trinidad Carnival for you. They offer Trinidad Carnival 2023 packages, that include 5, 7 & 9 nights of hotel accommodation, backline Carnival costume, costume pickup, and delivery, all-inclusive fetes, J’ouvert package, transportation with the group to fete & airport transfers, roommate matching, payment plans, and round-trip flights to Tobago and back. With Mickisha Vibes Travel, everything is covered—all you have to do is show up and party!


Don’t waste your waiting in line:

You can hire a company like Kasey’s Costume Courier which specializes in Caribbean Carnival costume pick-up and delivery, they will wait in line so you don’t have to, secure your costume, and deliver it safely to your location so you can spend more time partying.

So, Are You Ready To Set Up Your Trip For Trinidad Carnival 2023?

We hope you’ve gained enough information from this article to start the planning process and make your trip to Trinidad a much smoother experience for you. To further prepare for Carnival 2023 in Trinidad, you can revisit this article to find other key resources that we’ve compiled for your reference as they become available.



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