Pods Will Be Used By NCC For The Taste Of Trinidad Carnival 2022

trinidad carnival 2022

NCC Delivers Pods At The Queen’s Park Savannah For Taste Of Trinidad Carnival 2022

The pods will be used as a pandemic crowd control tool for events in the Queens Park Savannah for Trinidad Carnival 2022 to great effect, will replace the North Stand this year. The lanes between the pods will be named after carnival costumes. NCC Chairman, Winston “Gypsy” Peters, told the media while giving them a tour of the pods on Monday morning January 31st, 2022, there are just over 200 pods in the North Park he said.

Pods Will Also Be Created In The Grand Stand For The Taste Of Trinidad Carnival 2022

In the venue, there are two sizes of pods. Some hold a maximum of six people and some hold up to nine people. Anyone sharing a pod should have entered as a group or crew.

Darian Marcelle, the NCC commissioner, said extra bathrooms will be installed to ensure the washing of hands for Carnival-goers. Police and security will check audience members to make sure they are abiding by COVID-19 safety regulations and a tent will be set up with doctors to make sure people are vaccinated against illness during Trinidad Carnival 2022 events.

The NCC events, to be held at the Savannah, Queen’s Hall Garden Theatre, and the Naparima Bowl amphitheater, is being dubbed a Taste of Carnival as well. All the stage is also currently under construction.

The Message Here Is, You Might As Well Come And Have A Good Time For Trinidad Carnival 2022

Here’s an opportunity for us to not only showcase our culture and tradition but to evolve the carnival and culture. Here’s an opportunity for us to introduce even more creativity, adaptability, and sustainability into the festival. Here is our opportunity to show the world that Trinidad and Tobago take both its culture and people’s well-being seriously, without sacrificing any of the entertainment. We Invite Everyone that’s vaccinated to join in on the fun, said, Peters.

When Is Trinidad Carnival 2022?

The taste of Trinidad carnival 2022, which begins on February 4 with a virtual calypso tent, includes live calypso tents, pan shows, a Calypso Monarch competition, a King and Queen of Carnival competition, and a stickfighting display. There will also be an appreciation concert for front line workers of the pandemic featuring brass bands from the protective services. All venues are safe zones open only to vaccinated patrons and performers.

When discussing the upcoming Trinidad carnival 2022, Peters revealed that the budget for A Taste of Carnival is between $25 to $30 million dollars.



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