Seller Fees

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  • Store Selling Fees:

    1. We offer simple, pay-as-you-go pricing of 12.15% + $2.89 for each successful sale.
    2. For an additional 1.9%, you can add subscription-based products that accept recurring payments.
    3. For an additional 2.9%, you can add chargeback protection to protect your business from unpredictable disputes.

    Resell Your Carnival:

    1. The commission for selling a fete ticket or a carnival costume to another carnival goer is 15.49% + $2.89 in fees and includes chargeback protection.

    Manage Your Carnival:

    1. For Mas bands and Section leaders listing Carnival costumes for masqueraders to register for a section in their band is subject to a base commission charge of 9.94% in fees.
    2. You can opt-in to add chargeback protection and monthly marketing campaigns of email, SMS blasts, and social media posts by subscribing to our MYC Essential Marketing Plan for $ 49.99 a month.
    3. Subscription plans can be added and canceled at any time.
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