Gold Rosary Necklace En Vogue Fete Outfit Or Costume

Gold Rosary Necklace

Add A Gold Rosary Necklace And Other Jewelry Accessories With Your Carnival Costume Or Fete Outfit


Thinking of the right jewelry accessories for your Carnival? If you’re like me, you don’t just want to dress up and put on a cute outfit, you want to stand out from the crowd! Try adding a Gold Rosary Necklace. Face it, you want to look your best during the Atlanta Carnival season whether in fetes, boat rides, or chipping down the road, but with so many options out there finding the jewelry that’s right for your look can be difficult.

Iridescent Fashion Jewelry Is Here To Help

A few ways to grab the spotlight for Atlanta Carnival, make sure you wear pieces that pop, items with texture and bold colors. Or perhaps less dramatic jewelry so that it seamlessly complements your costume without taking away or overwhelming your overall look.

For me, I had to figure out what jewelry accessories worked best for my look during Carnival. I mean, I know it’s all about glitter, gemstones, and feathers but I needed to look at what’s appropriate for this occasion. Then I realized that the key in choosing your accessories during the carnival season is that they should work well with your costume.

Before you even start thinking of your Carnival boots, stockings, headpiece, or additional accessories you need to make a list of jewelry that will complement your outfit perfectly. Thus the most common mistake people make before coming up with jewelry for Carnival is to prepare their costumes but not think about accessories. It’s also worth considering that some jewelry just isn’t meant for Carnival!

Here Are 4 Iridescent Fashion Jewelry Choices For Carnival

You want accessories that enhance your look; add oomph and personality and make you stand out in the crowd. Here are a few of our favs that will help you put your best foot forward this Carnival season.

  • Large Queen Hoop Earrings

It’s an instant show stopper! These gold layered textured hoop earrings are fun and fabulous. They come in both a large and medium size, both wearable! The medium size is great for anyone who wants to add a bit of glamor without making too much of a statement. The large hoop size of course is for those who love all the attention.

  • CZ Cross Necklace

-Enjoy the Classic Cross Necklace with a Cubic Zirconia CZ shared prong setting. Options are either in a White stone cross or a black stone cross.

  • Amor Necklace

Amor Nameplate necklace is gorgeous. Amor – the Spanish word for Love. The perfect base for any layered Iridescent necklace look.

  • Gold Rosary Necklace

A stylish way to show off your faith, it’s sure to make a statement wherever you go.

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