Resell Your Carnival Terms & Conditions

Fete Tickets Reseller

You agree to our terms and conditions when you list a ticket on My Carnival Match.

I agree and confirm that I am listing a valid unused ticket for sale on In the event, a buy opens a claim stating that the ticket was not valid I may be required to prove that this ticket was indeed valid and unused.

Furthermore, I understand that I must provide proof that I am the original owner of the ticket when posting it for sale. Failure to do so will prevent the ticket from being published for sale.

In the event of such a claim, I agree to provide proof of my purchase of the ticket, including but not limited to:

-Proof of purchase from official sources (e.g., receipts from authorized sites)

-Proof of purchase from secondary sources (e.g., screenshots of my purchase on Marketplace or other auction sites)

In the event that I am required to provide proof of purchase, and fail to do so within three days of such a request from the buyer, I agree to forfeit any money paid by the buyer. In the event that I am required to provide proof of purchase, and fail to do so within three days of such a request from or its representatives, I agree that has permission to take whatever measures deemed necessary for the resolution of this dispute including but not limited to: -Refunding all money received from me via Stripe, PayPal or other payment methods -Holding back funds from future payments and or taking legal action against me.

There are no upfront or setup fees, in the event, your ticket is sold you agree to pay My Carnival Match an 15.49% + $2.89 commission fee for each item sold. This fee will be taken off the top of the total amount of your ticket sale and the balance will be sent to your bank account within 3 business days for US accounts, transfer time varies by the country you can read more but payouts from My Carnival Match to other countries here.

You are responsible for any and all taxes that may be incurred as a result of selling tickets through My Carnival Match.

If I have any questions about the terms of this agreement or if I need further clarification on anything, please contact immediately at

Carnival Costume Reseller

By listing your costume for sale, you agree to place your item in escrow. In addition, you authorize My Carnival Match LLC to temporarily hold the payment until the transfer of ownership has been completed.

Once the transaction is complete, My Carnival Match LLC will release the payment to you.

In order to list a costume for sale, you must fully complete the onboarding process with You may only list one costume at a time, and you must be able to provide proof that you are the original owner of the costume (e.g., an order summary or receipt from the respected Mas band showing your name as the risgistered own).


All Sellers are Required To Transfer Ownership Of Their Costume Within 24 To 48 Hours Of Purchase. If a buyer does not receive the costume within this time period, they may contact us for assistance.

Only the original owner of a carnival costume can submit an item for sale. Items listed for friends will not be published.

After a customer purchases your item the money will be transferred to your account within 3 to 5 days following a successful transfer of ownership of the costume.

Transfer of a costume includes and will not be limited to the following:

  • Using The Mas Band Online Portal, Sellers Can Designate The Buyer To Pick Up The Costume.
  • A Seller May Also Provide The Buyer With A Colored Copy Of His Or Her Picture ID Accompanied By A Letter Stating They Have Transferred The Costume To The Newly Acquired Owner.
  • After Payment, A Seller Can Send The Buyer The Login Info To The Mas Band’s Online Portal So Buyers Can Log In And Change The Email, Password, And Personal Information To Pay Off The Balance Owed On The Costume.
  • A Seller Must Also Inform The Mas Band Of Their Intention To Sell Your Costume.

If a seller is unable to transfer the costume, he or she should not list a costume for sale on through our ReSell Your Carnival portal.

Obligation Fee: 5% of the item price

A refundable commitment fee of 5% of the item price will be debited from your bank account. This fee is to ensure you honor your obligation to transfer ownership of a costume or remove your ticket listing from the site if your item is sold outside of My Carnival Match.

This fee becomes non-refundable if a customer purchases the item and it can not be fulfilled for any reason (such as when the seller does not transfer ownership or remove their ticket listing, etc).

The fee will also be refunded if you end your listing before it is sold.

If you decide to sell your costume or ticket outside of the My Carnival Match website, it is the primary responsibility of the seller to end their listing. This will prevent this fee from being charged to your bank.